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Creating a stop motion, time lapse video. The creation of Paper Quilling Art.

I have been volunteering with TEDx Navesink and the theme for 2016 is Makers.  I am very much a maker and into all things maker.  I have always wanted to create a time lapse of my paper quilling so this was the perfect opportunity.  Here are some photos of the making of the video.  I have a table setup for the shoot.  Two lights are position to illuminate the work.  In order to make sure I position the work in the exact same place I have a 3 peg system I created that the artwork slides onto.  The tripod and lights are taped in position.  The camera is a Lumix LX-7 and is an excellent little camera but I am taking each shot a few minutes to a few hours apart so I must zoom to the correct position with each shot.  Fortunately, I am able to hit preview and scroll through each shot to be sure the position and lighting match.   The video will be posted soon.

IMG_9748 IMG_9751

Robin Milne

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September 7th, 2014 Polymer Workshop

Join the New Jersey Polymer Clay Guild this Sunday from 11am-2 or 3ish to learn how to do a Skinner (gradient) blend then create a flower cane.  Once we have all made our flowers we will slice the canes and share slices so we can each go home with a collection to make wine charms.  We meet at the Creative Arts Building Studio 3 in Thompson Park rt 520 Lincroft.

Please bring one pack (2oz.) black clay, one pack white clay, one pack color clay (this will be your flower color) mica clay ok, glitter clay not so great. A second pack of colored clay for flower center.  Premo is my preference if you are going out to buy. You will need a pasta/ clay machine, a blade and a work surface. A needle tool to poke a small hole, blank index cards to bake on. If you want to create the wine charms at the workshop you will need jump rings and wine charm hoops. They have these at craft stores.

See you soon. – Robin 624 - Copy 

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A story about a UFO

Today while cleaning my studio I found a UFO – Un Finished Object.   I believe I started it in 2006 at Clayathon.  I was enjoying making mosaic photos of my kids and friends and family.  Like this.jayden cut up 8-03 So I thought how cool would it be to make it out of polymer.  I made an 8×10 polymer background sheet out of black Premo! and cured it then I had printed a photo of my kids in reverse onto t-shirt transfer paper.  I cut the image into 1×1 squares and applied each to raw polymer tiles and cured them.  kids06052

It became a UFO because a few of the tiles burned and I didn’t have any other t-shirt transfer prints at Clayathon to continue. The pieces have been loosely floating around my studio for 7 years.  Now that I have documented the effort I feel I can let this go.

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Welcome to my new blog.

I am an artist, photographer, sculptor, designer, researcher, homeschool mom and for lack of a better term, a scanner.  I discovered the term scanner in Barbara Sher’s book Refuse to Choose.  Here is an introduction to scanners from the book, “To Scanners the world is like a big candy store full of fascinating opportunities, and all they want is to reach out and stuff their pockets.”

Nothing is a perfect description but this is as close as I have found to describe myself.  I am so interested in learning EVERYTHING and teaching others and that might be as far as I get.  Many people think I should make a career of a talent but my focus is never on the business of anything.  Not that I don’t want to work and make money, I do.  I just could not imagine doing any one of the things I like full-time.  I do many, many things but I flit among them and get drawn to different interests as my passions suggest.  Right now I am focusing on creating this blog and updating the blog for the New Jersey Polymer Clay Guild which I run.  I also run 3 4H groups (Anime, GameMakers, Teen Writing).  I homeschool my 2 children which enables each of us to follow our passions. I create the original sculpts for chocolate and soap molds, I teach polymer clay classes and I photograph people’s jewelry for magazines, juried shows and book/magazine/contest submissions.  Check out my portfolio on Flickr or what I have for sale on Etsy

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